Higher Education

Today's educators are faced with growing challenges to improve access to a wide variety online resources, enable lifelong learning and distance learning, deliver services in new ways and on a widening variety of devices. As well, recent events reinforce the requirement for school facilities to have an advanced, reliable telecommunications infrastructure ensuring physical security protocols.

SSP Converged Solutions has much experience in the Education vertical and our portfolio of advanced solutions from our technology partners such as Alcatel-Lucent enhances the learning experience for your students by making your classroom and online education tools more efficient.

Case Studies

Our solutions widen access to resources in a cost-effective way, improve collaboration and open new avenues for connecting knowledge.

We recommend the following solutions:

Educational institutions may consider the options below and then call us to help review the most appropriate selections for your particular situation:

  • OmniPCX Enterprise Communication Server

    The core of the communications system. The Alcatel-Lucent OmniPCX Enterprise is the most advanced, reliable, communications server on the market. Read more »

  • Alcatel-Lucent 8-Series IP Touch phones or 9-series digital phones

    The Alcatel-Lucent portfolio has the widest variety and most advanced digital and IP phones and handsets on the market. Higher education institutions will often have a variety of different departments, groups and locations, which will have different communications requirements. These groups or locations may include offices, reception, registrar call centre agents, classroom phones, security desks, residences, etc. With our Alcatel-Lucent portfolio, there is a phone matching every requirement. Read more »

  • Alcatel-Lucent 4059 Attendant Console

    An attendant console station allows the receptionist to efficiently handle large volumes of incoming calls, which means shorter wait times for callers, as well as for students and visitors at the reception desk. Read more »

  • Alcatel-Lucent OmniTouch Contact Center

    Higher education institutions have varied and dynamic call volumes, which can vary greatly by department and time of year and semester. For example, although call volume goes up dramatically during the student registration period, it is not necessarily cost-effective to hire additional agents just for that period. The Alcatel-Lucent contact centre application is designed to help teams deal much more effectively with large numbers of callers, thereby making your existing staff as productive as possible. Read more »

  • Alcatel-Lucent Wireless-LAN Handsets

    For hall monitors and security staff, being able to immediately call any internal or external destination is essential. Alcatel-Lucent’s WLAN handsets are small, portable and offer the same capabilities as any other phone on the system, except that they can roam anywhere on the campus. In addition, a Push-To-Talk feature is available, allowing security guards to instantly communicate “radio-style” with group of colleagues. The WLAN handsets can also help reduce costs by connecting via an existing wireless LAN, thereby not requiring additional base-station equipment. Read more »

  • Voicemail & Unified Messaging

    Aside from regular message-taking purposes for teachers and other staff, our voicemail systems have the flexibility to be used more dynamically as well. For example, some institutions may like to provide secure voicemail boxes for students, allowing teachers to leave messages for individual students, or for groups of students. This could be used to communicate grades, assignment details, class schedule changes, etc. Read more »

  • Alcatel-Lucent OmniTouch 8400 Instant Communications Suite

    Allowing students, faculty and staff to connect and share information quickly and easily enhances the educational experience. The 8400 ICS collaboration and productivity applications can take teaching, learning and research to the next level. For example, teachers can answer quick student questions with IM, transfer files to students or other faculty, or even conduct online web-based conference calls & presentations, creating a virtual classroom environment. Read more »

  • Alcatel-Lucent OmniSwitch 6000-series and 9000-series

    The OmniSwitch family provides fast, reliable Ethernet switching for all wired devices on the institution’s campus. With models for both core and edge and with an assortment of powerful features and capabilities, the OmniSwitch portfolio will meet all your data networking needs. Read more »

  • OmniAccess Wireless LAN

    At today’s post-secondary institutions, over 90% of students and teachers have laptops. Providing wireless connectivity for them is essential for their success and an excellent solution is the OmniAccess WLAN series. It provides fast, secure and reliable wireless data coverage anywhere throughout the campus and grounds and can also securely segregate a wireless LAN for students from a wireless LAN for the institution itself. Read more »

  • Alcatel-Lucent OmniAccess SafeGuard

    Security is a top priority as more and more educational institutions move towards ubiquitous connectivity for students. Network administrators must protect sensitive data from internal and external threats while ensuring resources are available to support educational objectives. The OmniAccess SafeGuard security solution can help you secure institutional data and maintain network integrity while providing authorized users with access to appropriate information and guaranteeing network security and reliability through detection and prevention of worms, viruses and malware. Read more »

  • Alcatel-Lucent VPN Firewall Brick

    The VPN Firewall Brick portfolio offers a broad range of enterprise and carrier-class security solutions to protect the institution’s network from external threats, while enabling secure connections from authorized remote sites, such as other campuses or industry research affiliates. The portfolio secures delivery of mission-critical IP applications to students, faculty and researchers. Read more »

  • OmniVista 4760 Network Management System

    The OmniVista 4760 Network Management System is an innovative, modular platform that provides a suite of network management applications for the communications server, as well as the entire voice network. This powerful Java-based tool, accessed through a Web browser, provides centralized management for the Alcatel-Lucent OmniPCX Enterprise. The platform's open architecture enables today's IT managers and administrators to effectively monitor and maintain the network, while lowering the company's total cost of ownership. Read more »

  • OmniVista 2500/2700/3600 Network Management & Security

    In order to maintain the integrity, robustness and security of the network, it is important that the network administrator have access to the best configuration and monitoring tools. The OmniVista 2500/2700 gives administrators a unified view of the network as well as the necessary functions and services required to support all devices, applications and security management and the OmniVista 3600 delivers a full set of capabilities for the wireless LAN. Read more »

  • VitalQIP DNS/DHCP IP Address Management Software

    VitalQIP is a market leading solution for automating IP address management services. It streamlines management and cuts administrative costs for institutions. Based on a recent IDC study, VitalQIP customers on average see a ROI of over 900% and a payback period of 106 days. Read more »

  • OmniTouch 8670 Automated Message Delivery System

    Recent events have made emergency communications a top priority for schools and universities. Safe and secure educational institutions are integral to a learning environment that supports students’ success. The 8670 AMDS is an easy-to-use, advanced application that delivers important or emergency messages instantly to groups of destinations, including any on-site or off-site telephones, mobiles, radios, paging systems, etc. Read more »

  • Alcatel-Lucent OmniPCX Alert E911 Onsite Emergency Management

    The effective management of emergency situations is vital to the safety of students and faculty. Traditional 911 solutions do not provide the information necessary for a quick, accurate and responsible on-site response to a crisis. The Alcatel-Lucent OmniPCX-ALERT pinpoints the exact location of the 911 call and identifies the alarm point triggered, or the individual associated with the handset used. Emergency alerts are instantly sent to on-site security and response personnel. Read more »

  • VideoFurnace

    VideoFurnace offers an end-to-end software video broadcast solution that utilizes your private high speed IP network to deliver TV-quality full-motion live and pre-encoded content to computers and set top box connected televisions at your institution. Examples could be video tutorials, online courses and hall display monitors such as for registration queues.
    Read more »

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