Passenger demands on public and private transportation systems are rapidly increasing. From ports and roads to rails and skies, proven reliability, non-stop service and improved passenger safety and comfort are key baselines for every operator.

SSP’s full range of communications systems and applications enable transportation operators to meet these requirements, while adapting to developing challenges and trends in the transport environment.

We recommend the following solutions:

Transporation companies may consider the options below and then call us to help review the most appropriate selections for your particular situation:

  • OmniPCX Enterprise Communication Server

    The core of the communications system. The Alcatel-Lucent OmniPCX Enterprise is the most advanced, reliable, communications server on the market. Read more »

  • Alcatel-Lucent 8-Series IP Touch phones or 9-series digital phones

    The Alcatel-Lucent portfolio has the widest variety and most advanced digital and IP phones and handsets on the market. Transportation companies will often have several different teams and locations, which will have different communications requirements. These may include main offices, remote offices, maintenance depots and garages, public areas, hubs and stations, etc. With our Alcatel-Lucent portfolio, there is a phone matching every requirement. Read more »

  • Alcatel-Lucent Wireless Handsets

    For mobile staff, such as security guards or maintenance workers, being able to immediately call any internal or external destination is essential. Alcatel-Lucent’s DECT and WLAN handsets are small, portable and offer the same capabilities as any other phone on the system, except that they can roam anywhere within the network. In addition, a Push-To-Talk feature is available in the WLAN handset portfolio, allowing teams to instantly communicate “radio-style” with the entire group. Read more »

  • Alcatel-Lucent 8622 My Cellular Extension

    The 8622 My Cellular Extension application is aimed at staff who are in the field for much of the time, such as drivers, inspectors, or maintenance staff. The MCE application allows them to remain fully connected to the communications server using their smart-phones, such as the Blackberry, Windows Mobile, etc, thereby effectively having an internal extension on the system even while roaming off-site. Read more »

  • OmniTouch Land Mobile Radio Conferencing and Collaboration

    The LMRCC application allow staff to conference & collaborate with field personnel, such as drivers, inspectors and maintenance crews, regardless of their type of connectivity, for example land-line, cellular, or radio. Read more (pdf PDF 1.01MB)

  • Voicemail & Unified Messaging

    Voicemail is an essential messaging application and our advanced systems will not only take voice messages and fax messages, but can also fully integrate with your company’s existing email system, to create a true Unified Communications solution. As well, there are a multitude of message notification options, enabling timely communications for field-based staff. Read more »

  • OmniTouch 8670 Automated Message Delivery System (AMDS)

    The AMDS allows staff to instantly send important messages to teams or other large groups of people. For example, drivers could simultaneously be alerted to weather situations, maintenance staff could more easily query other locations for spare parts needed, or security teams could be notified of an emergency incident. Read more (pdf PDF 710KB)

  • Alcatel-Lucent OmniGenesys, OmniTouch Contact Center & IVR

    Many Transportation companies will have large call volumes, for example for ticket sales, package tracking, timetable queries, etc. The Alcatel-Lucent contact centre range has models for every size and complexity of business. Whether it’s for simple call queuing & distribution, or a fully-integrated multifunction IVR tied into core business processes.
    Read more »

  • OmniSwitch 6000/9000 Ethernet Switches

    Ethernet switches are the infrastructure of the data network and the OmniSwitch series is feature-rich, fast, cost-effective and have powerful embedded security features.
    Read more »

  • OmniAccess WLAN

    The OmniAccess Wireless LAN system provides fast, secure wireless data networking communications throughout building, as well as large open areas, such as terminals, maintenance facilities, or garages, where regular wired connectivity can be difficult to implement. In public areas, the OmniAccess system can be used to provide public Internet access, while keeping the company’s network completely partitioned. The system uses small, easy-to-deploy base stations, using 802.11a/b/g/n and using either the 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz frequencies. Read more »

  • Alcatel-Lucent VPN Firewall Brick

    The VPN Firewall Brick provides sites with high speed Internet access, while providing a virtually impenetrable barrier to threats from the Internet. Its Virtual Private Networking (VPN) capabilities allow reliable, secure connectivity to other sites, allowing remote sites and main offices to all be on the same network together, completely seamlessly. Read more »

  • OmniAccess SafeGuard

    Whenever public safety is involved, network security is a top priority. It is essential to protect transportation data & control networks from internal and external threats while ensuring resources remain available to authorized parties. The OmniAccess SafeGuard security solution can help you secure and maintain network integrity while providing authorized users with access to appropriate applications and guaranteeing network security and reliability through detection and prevention of hackers, worms and viruses. Read more »

  • OmniPCX Alert E911 Onsite Emergency Management

    The OmniPCX-ALERT is aimed at large, dynamic environments, such as public transportation hubs and pinpoints the exact location where 911 calls were generated. Emergency alerts are instantly sent to on-site security and response personnel and authorized individuals may listen-in during the actual call. Read more (pdf PDF 212KB)

  • OmniVista 4760 Network Management System

    The OmniVista 4760 Network Management System is an innovative, modular platform that provides a suite of network management applications for the communications server, as well as the entire voice network. This powerful Java-based tool, accessed through a Web browser, provides centralized management for the Alcatel-Lucent OmniPCX Enterprise. The platform's open architecture enables today's IT managers and administrators to effectively monitor and maintain the network, while lowering the company's total cost of ownership. Read more »

  • OmniVista 2500/2700 Network Management, Monitoring & Security

    An important part of a robust data network is the ability to manage and monitor it and the OmniVista Network Management system provides system and network administrators with a powerful suite of tools. Read more »

  • VitalSuite Performance Management

    The VitalSuite performance management system provides network administrators with end-to-end, web-based visibility into geographically dispersed, multi-vendor and multi-technology converged infrastructures. Extensively programmable with multi-vendor, multi-service technology offers flexible and cost-effective growth. Read more »

  • VideoFurnace

    VideoFurnace offers an end-to-end software video broadcast solution that utilizes your private high speed IP network to deliver TV-quality full-motion live and pre-encoded content to computers and set top box connected televisions at your institution. Examples in the Transportation segment would be monitors placed in public areas, displaying instructional videos or entertainment videos for people waiting in queues. Read more »

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