Auto Attendant is a must-have requirement for many companies, due to its inherent time-saving and cost-saving ability in quickly routing incoming calls to the right department or person. It's therefore useful to know that a standard Auto Attendant is integrated into every OmniPCX communications server. Also, for more advanced features, each voicemail system also includes a more sophisticated Auto Attendant.

Auto Attendant Models:

  • Nuance SpeechAttendant

    Nuance SpeechAttendant™ is a complete speech-enabled auto attendant application that enables call routing and information retrieval. Onsite and offsite employees can dial one number to reach SpeechAttendant and simply speak the name of the person they want to reach. A packaged application from Nuance, SpeechAttendant can be rapidly deployed in a customer's environment within just a few days.

    SpeechAttendant™ Large Enterprise Edition (SA-LEE) is an integrated suite of auto attendant, directory services and self-service applications that enhance organizational communications, business processes and employee productivity at large organizations. SA-LEE lets organizations leverage their speech-enabled directory as a secure front-end to employee applications and ensures effective call handling and communicationseven in an emergency.


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