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There have been a lot of advancements in the area of Conferencing and Collaboration recently and they have also become an integral part of the Unified Communications evolution.

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Conferencing & Collaboration Solutions:

  • OmniTouch 8464 Meet-Me Audio Conference Bridge

    omnitouch 8464The Alcatel-Lucent OmniTouch 8464 Meet-Me Audio Conference Bridge is a turn-key audio conferencing appliance, offering a low-cost, low-risk entry point into unified communications. Premises-based audio conferencing continues to grow with the increase in telecommuting, pressure to reduce travel costs and carbon foot print and a slowing economy. The OmniTouch 8464 Meet-Me Audio Conference Bridge supports both IP/SIP or PSTN deployments, up to 96 ports and works with any PBX enabling all enterprises to realize a near immediate return on investment with an average return in less than four months.

    • Return on investment in less than 4 months for a low risk investment with short-term gains
    • Supports leading VoIP service providers, PBX vendors and desktop solutions
    • Upgrade to industry-leading Alcatel-Lucent Unified Communications solutions via software licensing
    • Provides unlimited conferencing and easy to administer and maintain
    • Add audio conferencing ports with no hardware required
    • Enables both internal/external conference call participation
    • Turnkey appliance for premises-based, IP and TDM "meet me" audio conferencing
    • Dial-in, personal audio conference room for every employee
    • 24, 48, 72, or 96 concurrent conference call participants
    • Choose standard dial-in audio conferencing or a solution to complement Microsoft OCS or IBM Lotus Sametime
    • Call control via telephone user interface or audio only Web interface

  • OmniTouch 8460/8660 My Teamwork Conferencing & Collaboration

    omnitouch 8660OmniTouch 8460/8660 My Teamwork is a software-based multimedia, multiparty business communications solution used by thousands of enterprise users around the world at Fortune 100 and 500 companies.

    Running on commonly available computer hardware without specialized software or a virtual private network (VPN) connection, OmniTouch My Teamwork can establish a secure conference with anyone inside or outside the company from any telephone, any location and any browser.

    OmniTouch 8660 My Teamwork includes the following solutions all running on the SIP and software-based OmniTouch 8460 Advanced Communications Server (ACS):

    • My Teamwork Enterprise Edition for mid and large enterprises
    • My Teamwork Office Edition for the small business customer
    • My Teamwork Network Edition enabling conferencing and collaboration technology for services delivery
    • My Teamwork for IBM Lotus Sametime - Provides ad hoc click-to-conference and reservationless conferencing with recording to IBM Lotus Sametime customers
    • My Teamwork for Microsoft Office Communicator - Completes Office Communicator with full-featured, carrier-grade audio conferencing and enables presence and IM federation with OmniTouch 8660 My Teamwork users

    Additional Features:

    • Land Mobile Radio Conferencing and Collaboration (LMRCC) - Unites land mobile radios, telephones and PCs into a single conferencing and collaboration session
    • Windows Mobile Pocket PC - Provides mobile unified communications with presence/IM, presentation viewing and conference control
    • Operator Console Enables an operator assistance console for managing large events

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  • OmniTouch 8660 My Teamwork with Land Mobile Radio Integration

    omnitouch 8660For on-site mobile and remote staff in public safety, enterprise and institutional environments, the office is not a fixed location with a desktop PC and telephone. For these workers, reliable communication is critical to job performance. Receiving up-to-date information and the ability to respond and implement a plan is key. However communication access and interoperability is frequently a barrier due to the high costs and complex implementation required to connect disparate private and public networks and the array of devices used.

    The primary communication device for field personnel, on-premises mobile workers and emergency first responders is land mobile radios (LMR). Recent breakthroughs in this technology enable LMRs to interoperate, allowing radios on different frequencies and system types to communicate. Alcatel-Lucent takes this LMR technology to the next level with OmniTouch My Teamwork LMRCC. The solution bridges the voice gap between radio, PBX set and mobile phone/PDA users allowing them to engage in the same multiparty conference call.

  • OmniTouch 8600 My Instant Communicator

    my icEnd users have to deal with an increasing volume of communications: phone calls, voice mails, text messages, faxes, emails, instant messages and web, voice and video conferences. It is difficult to manage and make best use of all the different enterprise communication options on the market. Alcatel-Lucent OmniTouch 8600 My Instant Communicator is an innovative solution to this problem, integrating all communication tools to create a homogeneous experience across different devices and channels. It is the world's first integrated, multi-media, multi-session, multi-device unified communications client solution.

    My Instant Communicator services can be integrated with existing business applications and accessed seamlessly from a computer, IP phone or PDA. This innovative software can also be implemented with the Alcatel-Lucent OmniTouch Unified Communications Applications Suite. This next-generation, IP-based application suite allows end users to benefit from real-time unified communications, a consistent user experience and complete control over their communications. View OmniTouch 8660 My Teamwork Release 6 Highlights.

    My Instant Communicator is offered as a single user licence comprising "unified services" and additional optional services. The 5 key "unified services" offered by My Instant Communicator are:

    • Telephony services, available through a user's preferred data and voice collaboration software, such as IBM Lotus Sametime
    • Messaging services, such as voice mail, fax and email through a Microsoft Outlook or Lotus Notes mailbox
    • Collaboration services, such as instant messaging and peer-to-peer video, through voice-over IP (VoIP) and point-to-point video
    • One number services, through call routing and screening interfaces
    • Presence services, through telephony and instant messaging presence information

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