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Network Management Solutions:

  • OmniVista 2500-2700 Network Management

    omnivista 2500-2700 network managementThe Alcatel-Lucent OmniVista 2500 NMS application is the foundation for managing networks comprised of Alcatel-Lucent and other network devices. The OmniVista 2500 (OV2500) gives administrators a unified view of the network as well as the necessary functions and services required to support next generation devices and applications. It features centralized management, bulk operations, simplicity and scalability and adheres to the essential network management functions of the FCAPS model (fault, configuration, accounting, performance, security).

    By providing centralized operations, the infrastructure is optimized and deployment is simplified. Network device discovery and topology maps provide both physical and logical views of the network. Users are able to automate operations such as CLI scripting, create VLANs across multiple devices and provide third party device support.

    Centralized operations also optimizes troubleshooting since it is easier to monitor the health of the network using a combination of alarm information, the locator service for pinpointing user location and the trap responder for taking quick, automated action when there is an event. Health and statistic information is also readily available.

    The OmniVista 2700 is a suite of supplemental applications which can be added to the OmniVista 2500 to extend its capabilities and include services such as policy and security management, quarantine management and more. Read more »

  • VitalQIP DNS/DHCP IP Management Software

    vitalQUP DNS/DHCP IP Management SoftwareAlcatel-Lucent VitalQIP™ DNS/DHCP IP Address Management Software is a market leading solution for automating IP address management services across networks. It streamlines management and cuts administrative costs for enterprises, government agencies and service providers worldwide. Based on a recent IDC study, VitalQIP customers on average see a ROI of over 900% and a payback period of 106 days. The VitalQIP Appliance addresses the shift in the IP Address Management (IPAM) market towards appliances for increased reliability, manageability, scalability and security and is the only appliance solution on the market that seamlessly integrates with VitalQIP DNS/DHCP & IP Address Management Software.

    Though organizations of any size can benefit from automating and centralizing IP address management, the need would be more pressing and ROI more compelling for organizations with 1000 or more IP addresses.

    • Audit Manager
    • Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) module
    • API Toolkit
    • Network Allocator
    • Services Manager
    • Registration Manager
    • Auto Discovery
    • Workflow Manager
    • ENUM Manager
  • VitalQIP Appliance Manager

    VitalQIP Appliance ManagerThe Alcatel-Lucent VitalQIP™ Appliance Manager (AM) solution is Alcatel-Lucent’s answer for complex networks in critical need of reliable, secure and low cost address allocation and management. VitalQIP AM addresses the shift in the IP Address Management (IPAM) market to appliances for increased reliability, manageability, scalability and security and is the only appliance solution on the market that seamlessly integrates with the market-leading VitalQIP DNS/DHCP & IP Address Management Software.

    The VitalQIP Appliance Manager is offered on redundant/high-performance, standard and desktop hardware configurations to meet the specific requirements of your network.

    • Appliance Management Software (AMS)Linux based, 500 and 1000 – which are used to manage the appliances in the network. The AMS is available on an appliance and can also be downloaded and installed on existing hardware.
    • Enterprise Server Module (ESM) 1000 & 5000 Provides the VitalQIP Enterprise Services, such as the IP Address Management functions, user interface and centralized database support.
    • Application Management Module (AMM) 500, 1000 & 5000 Provides VitalQIP Remote Services, including DNS, DHCP, SNMP and other services.
    • Simplified support since one source is used for both hardware and software address needs.
      Performance optimized server platforms based on Intel Xeon technology.
    • Fire-resistant hardware with the ability to withstand extreme heat, humidity, altitude and zone 4 earthquake shock.
    • Uninterrupted operation with the ability to operate in preferred operating environments because of redundant AC or DC power.
    • Office friendly features such as a small footprint and quiet, low-power operations.
    • Low-cost entry point making it ideal for retail and small office business needs.
    • Future growth support through a 64-bit architecture making it ideal for VitalQIP DNS/DHCP applications.
    • Balanced server platforms based on dual-core Intel Xeon processors
    • “Green” dual-core processing
    • Dual independent bus architecture
    • 64-bit architecture
    • Power-off safety locks
  • Alcatel-Lucent OmniVista 3600 Air Manager

    Alcatel-Lucent OmniVista 3600 Air ManagerThe Alcatel-Lucent OmniVista 3600 Air Manager is a wireless LAN management software suite that provides centralized visibility and control over today’s wireless networks. OmniVista 3600 reduces the cost of operating the wireless infrastructure, improves network performance, improves reliability for wireless end users and makes the network more secure. OmniVista 3600 is a true operations management solution that delivers a full set of capabilities including real-time user and device monitoring, centralized configuration and compliance management.

    Platforms & Modules:

    • Air Manager Core Platform– provides efficient centralized management of the wireless infrastructure.
    • Air Manager Visual RF module (optional) - uses sophisticated RF fingerprinting algorithms to accurately display RF coverage patterns and calculate the location of wireless devices.
    • Air Manager Rogue AP detection module (optional) – uses a unique combination of discovery techniques to find rogue access points no matter where they are located.
    • Air Manager Master Console - provides IT with one console for managing and monitoring the entire wireless infrastructure when multiple OmniVista.
  • Alcatel-Lucent Security Management Server

    Alcatel-Lucent Security Management SoftwareExpressly built to administer large-scale, multi-customer/multi-site networks, Security Management Server (SMS) offers low-cost, carrier-grade IP services management. When paired with the VPN Firewall Brick® family and Lucent IPSec Client software, the reliable and scalable SMS lets you rapidly provision and manage security, VPN and QoS services for thousands of users from a single console. It offers firewall, VPN, QoS, VLAN and virtual firewall policy management, robust monitoring and flexible deployment options—without costly additional modules or recurring license fees.

    With the Security Management Server, you can speed service creation, simplify management and help cut total operations and support costs for high-revenue applications.

    • Simplify your operations by using one platform to provide centralized, policy-based management and provisioning of all IP services
    • Contain staging, installation, management and operating costs
    • Help cut costs with a simple, economical licensing model that requires no ongoing license fees or add-ons to deliver complete security management
    • Tighten network-wide control of multiple systems, security policies, VPN tunnels and remote clients
    • Easily migrate from basic to advanced security, VPN and QoS management services
      Rely on a mature, performance-tested management system with over seven years of experience in the world's largest networks
    • Help your customers ensure business continuity with native high availability, carrier-class reliability
    • Draw on any desired level of expert solution planning, design, deployment, integration and technical support from Lucent Worldwide Services

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