Wireless Backhaul

Companies or institutions adding new buildings to their campuses, or expanding into nearby facilities, may be faced with problems getting voice or data connectivity into those buildings. Access may be limited or overly complex and the cost of trenching new cable and installing conduits can be prohibitive.

In such situations, a wireless broadband (also known as wireless backhaul) connection may be just the right solution to the problem and SSP has selected Redline Communications portfolio of point-to-point and point-to-multipoint products. With TDM and data connections, wireless ranges up to 80 km, continuous throughputs of up to 90 Mbps and an assortment of licensed and unlicensed frequencies to choose from, the Redline portfolio has the perfect solution for every situation.

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Wireless Backhaul Models:

  • Redline RedCONNEX AN-30e

    AN30The AN-30e is a carrier-grade TDM backhaul solution for mobility and enterprise networks in the 5.4 and 5.8 GHz unlicensed bands. The AN-30e is Redline's proven, long-range backhaul solution capable of delivering high-throughput, reliable links exceeding 80 km (50 mi) in clear LOS conditions. The system is the ideal platform for migration to VoIP capable of supporting up to 8 T1/E1 circuits and mixed TDM/IP traffic applications. Companies can benefit by using the AN-30e as an inexpensive alternative to leasing circuits and installing new wired services.

  • Redline RedCONNEX AN-50e

    AN50The AN-50e is Redline's high speed wireless Ethernet bridge configured for point-to-point (PTP) operation, with point to multipoint (PMP) operation capabilities. Accommodating both backhaul and access functions, the AN-50e system is the industry's first true high performance, high capacity, multi-services OFDM platform.

    The AN-50e system delivers an over the air rate of up to 72 Mbps, equivalent to 49 Mbps at the Ethernet level. With a robust non line of sight (NLOS) capability, long IF cable support for tower and high rise installations, audible antenna alignment and diagnostic capabilities for Ethernet and wireless, the AN-50e addresses the most challenging of deployment scenarios and makes installation and support easy. The AN-50e boasts software selectable channels that can be assigned during deployment on a best-performance basis.

  • Redline RedCONNEX AN-80i

    AN80The AN-80i is the latest addition to Redline's RedCONNEX™ family of high performance wireless broadband transport solutions. Delivering carrier-grade performance and reliability that carriers and other service providers have come to expect from Redline's wireless access and backhaul products, the AN-80i is the ideal solution for quickly establishing point-to-point and point-to-multipoint links that cost-effectively extend networks to reach more customers.

    With different models available for licensed and license-exempt frequency bands, the AN-80i delivers industry-leading, high-speed Ethernet throughput, exceptional long range capabilities and is able to establish and maintain reliable, robust connectivity that can exceed 80 km (50 miles) in clear line-of-sight conditions.

    The AN-80i is an excellent choice for companies that require cost-effective, carrier-grade solutions to support advanced applications including transparent LAN, VoIP and high-quality video.

  • Redline RedACCESS AN-80i

    The RedACCESS line is closely related to the RedCONNEX AN-80i range, but its main difference is that it is a point-to-multipoint system, whereas RedCONNEX is a point-to-point system.


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