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Access Control Solutions:

  • Alcatel-Lucent OmniAccess SafeGuard

    The Alcatel-Lucent OmniAccess SafeGuard product line consists of two security appliances, the OmniAccess 1000 SafeGuard (OAG-1000) and the OmniAccess 2400 SafeGuard (OAG-2400) plus a management solution - the OmniVista Guard Manager.

    The OmniAccess SafeGuard appliances provide comprehensive network admission control (NAC), visibility and auditing, user segmentation and threat containment benefits. They differentiate users and applications while controlling LAN access without massive infrastructure disruption, capital investment or performance upheaval.

    • Powerful set of Authentication methods to identify users
    • User-centric architecture
    • Non-disruptive deployment of in-line appliances
    • Clear user audit trails
    • Quarantines infected users or even infected application(s) for a specific users, which allows the user to remain connected and user the un-affected applications for remediation
    • Network admission control appliance for wire-line and wireless users
    • Client-less host integrity check for wire-line and wireless users
    • Per user statefull firewall
    • Statistical anomaly detection and intrusion protection
    • Per user layer-7 awareness and activity logging
  • InfoExpress CyberGatekeeper

    The CyberGatekeeper solution enables enterprise businesses to ensure endpoint devices are verified to be compliant and healthy when connecting to the network. Only those endpoint devices that are compliant with enterprise security policies are allowed access to the production network. Those endpoint devices that fail the host integrity check are redirected and placed into quarantine. The CyberGatekeeper solution attempts to bring the endpoint in-line with policy requirements. Once compliant with security policies, the endpoint is allowed network access. As long as the endpoint is connected to the network infrastructure, the CyberGatekeeper solution provides continuous surveillance. If a violation of the security policies is detected the endpoint is immediately placed into quarantine.

    CyberGatekeeper is easy and fast to deploy without major network overhaul and without sacrificing effectiveness. Aside from the stand-alone version, the Alcatel-Lucent OmniSwitch™ 6400 and OmniSwitch 6850 families of Ethernet switches running AOS 6.3.4 or above benefit from enhanced authentication and user profile enabled network access control. Enterprise LAN segments with 3rd party switches are protected by Infoexpress CyberGatekeeper market leading Dynamic Access Control (DNAC) technology. Wireless and VPN users are protected using Infoexpress in-line appliances.

    The CyberGatekeeper solution requires zero network changes or upgrades. Heterogeneous network support ensures interoperability in multi-vendor network environments.

    • Ensures 100% of network end points are compliant (patch levels, configurations and application settings) or they are quarantined until remediated
    • Separates authentication mechanism from security
    • 802.1x not a requirement for host integrity check (HIC)
    • End points can be plugged into phones and still be secured
    • Will not interfere with existing VoIP deployments
    • Keeps rogue devices off the network
      Reduces vulnerabilities as security solutions, OS and patches are assured to be running and up-to-date
    • Lowers help desk costs – automatic remediation of non-compliant PCs
    • Improves security compliance/auditing scorecard
    • Reduces risks associated with improperly configured computers
    • Integrates with existing patch management solutions to preserve software investments
    • Reduces support costs by maintaining standard configurations across desktops

  • OmniVista 2700 supplemental applications for OmniVista 2500 Network Management

    The OmniVista 2700 supplemental services are optional software applications that provide flexibility and automation to the OmniVista 2500 platform. These applications can be added to the OmniVista environment as desired to extend the capabilities of OmniVista NMS. Supplemental services include policy and security management, quarantine management and more.

    • OmniVista 2730 - PolicyView - Simplifies the complex task of configuring QoS and enables enhanced policy-based management across multiple devices through OneTouch simplicity.
    • OmniVista 2750 - SecureView Switch Access –Centralizes control of switch administration access rights and policies with OneTouch manageability.
    • OmniVista 2760 - SecureView ACL - Simplifies and automates the complex task of configuring network security policies by using access control lists (ACLs).
    • OmniVista 2770 - Quarantine Manager - Protects the network from attacks at the network and application level by isolating the misbehaving user and providing a means for remediation.
    • OmniVista 2790 - Web Services - Provides a northbound interface for easy integration with diverse network management applications.

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