Emergency Services

Every company needs to think about its emergency plans and make a plan in case something unforeseen happens. Although it may seems like a hard plan to quantify, SPP can help. We’ve helped dozens of customers making a plan, using the right applications and call routing programming.

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Types of emergency services:

  • Alcatel-Lucent OmniTouch 8670 Automated Message
    Delivery System (AMDS)

    Alcatel-Lucent's OmniTouch Automated Message Delivery System (AMDS) represents a new generation of SIP software-based broadcast messaging solutions, providing an alternative to expensive, proprietary, hardware-based products and costly outbound dialer services.

    Delivered on Alcatel-Lucent's Advanced Communications Server (ACS) platform, AMDS enables organizations such as school districts; federal, state and local governments; and financial institutions to deploy a cost-effective broadcast messaging service to provide their customers with information alerts, event notifications and alarms. For enterprises, AMDS also helps deliver product and support announcements and marketing messages to target new and existing customers.

  • OmniTouch 8660 My Teamwork with
    Land Mobile Radio Integration

    For onsite mobile and remote staff in public safety, enterprise and institutional environments, the office is not a fixed location with a desktop PC and telephone. For these workers, reliable communication is critical to job performance. Receiving up-to-date
    information and the ability to respond and implement a plan is key. However communication access and interoperability is frequently a barrier due to the high costs and complex implementation required to connect disparate private and public networks and the array of devices used.

    The primary communication device for field personnel, on-premises mobile workers, and emergency first responders is land  mobile radios (LMR). Recent breakthroughs in this technology enable LMRs to interoperate, allowing radios on different frequencies and system types to communicate. Alcatel-Lucent takes this LMR technology to the next level with OmniTouch My Teamwork LMRCC. The solution bridges the voice gap between radio, PBX set and mobile phone/PDA users allowing them to engage in the same multiparty conference call.

  • Alcatel-Lucent OmniPCX Alert E911 Onsite Emergency Management

    The effective management of emergency situations is vital to the safety of employees and to the security of facilities. Traditional 911 solutions do not provide the information necessary for a quick, accurate and responsible on-site response to a crisis. 911 calls routed through a PBX system frequently identify only the billing address, not the precise location of the emergency.

    The Alcatel-Lucent OmniPCX-ALERT pinpoints the exact location of the 911 call and identifies the individual associated with the handset used, or the alarm point triggered. Emergency alerts are instantly sent to on-site security and response personnel. Authorized individuals may listen in during the actual call. The entire 911 call, including audio content, is archived for detail verification, and for compliance and evidence purposes. Enhanced-feature modules provide many additional benefits including bi-directional communication, dynamic site-map displays and additional data critical to managing “fluid” emergency situations in real time.

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