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Wireless Handset Models:

  • DECT Wireless Handsets

    Alcatel-Lucent DECT wireless phones provide excellent on-site mobility capability, as well as multisite usability. These handsets use a network of advanced on-site digital base stations to provide seamless voice access for people on the move. Improved accessibility means fewer missed calls, greater customer satisfaction and increased staff availability & efficiency.

    For employees with regular desks or workplaces, their DECT phone can be "twinned" with their regular desk phone, meaning they can continue to make and receive calls when they leave their desk. For employees with no fixed workspace, such as warehouse employees, they can use their DECT phone as their primary extension, again providing continuous availability regardless of their current location on the premises.

    One of the advantages of Alcatel-Lucent's system is that the DECT system software is integrated directly into the core PBX telephony software meaning there are no additional external DECT controllers or servers required. The base stations plug straight into the OmniPCX, reducing installation complexity and potential for connectivity failures.

    SSP Converged Solutions has extensive experience with DECT systems, providing detailed wireless site surveys & deployments, as well as project management, installation, configuration and maintenance.

    Features and Benefits:

    • Optimized for professional use: excellent voice quality, full range of calling features, excellent autonomy
    • Enhanced reactivity: on-site mobility reduces lost calls and increases capacity to respond to customer requests
    • Cost-effective: calls to DECT phones are routed on an internal network and incur no additional charges
    • Enhanced usability: full roaming capability with seamless handover between easy-to-install base stations
    • Twinset option: a user's fixed phone and DECT phone share a single number, making it easy for colleagues and clients to get in touch
    • Lightweight, ergonomic design and intuitive operation
    • Long battery life (uses Lithium-ion technology)
    • Durability in harsh environments – use of carrying case is recommended

    Model Range:

    Alcatel-Lucent DECT phones increase employee efficiency and productivity by supporting different user needs with 3 different models and a full range of accessories:

    300-DECT Handset:

    • Ergonomic design
    • Intuitive interface with 4-way navigator
    • Vibrator mode
    • Display backlight
    • Belt clip
    • Integrated antenna
    • Download the Brochure (pdf PDF 462KB)

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    400-DECT Handset:

      All features listed for 300-DECT, plus:
    • Color display
    • Keypad backlight
    • Built-in loudspeaker
    • Headset connection
    • Download the Brochure (pdf PDF 462KB)

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    300EX-DECT Handset:

    • The Alcatel-Lucent 300 Ex DECT Handset model enables safe mobile voice communications in potentially explosive work areas, such as gaseous environments.
    • The Alcatel-Lucent 300 Ex DECT Handset model has the same features as the Alcatel-Lucent DECT Phone 300 model except that the vibrate mode has been disabled for increased safety.
    • Download the Brochure (pdf PDF 326KB)

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    • Standard Desktop Charging Stand
    • Dual-battery Desktop Charging Stand
    • Charging Stand Power Supply
    • Wall-mount charger bracket
    • Headset (for 400-DECT handset only)
    • Battery for 300/400 DECT Handset
    • Battery for 300-Ex DECT Handset
    • Carrying Case for 300/400 DECT Handset
    • Carrying Case for 300-Ex DECT Handset
    • Belt Clip for 300/400 DECT Handset
    • Rotating Belt Clip for 300/400 DECT Handset

  • Wireless LAN Handsets

    Alcatel-Lucent IP Touch Wireless LAN phones are a professional voice and data solution for on-site mobility. Environments as diverse as warehouses, hospitals, college campuses and office meeting rooms can benefit from wireless mobile solutions. Wireless LAN phones can offer a real competitive edge in fast-moving environments by keeping the lines of communication open at all times.

    The Alcatel-Lucent IP Touch 310/610 wireless LAN (WLAN) handsets provide a convenient and practical voice and data solution for on-site mobility in any business environment. Both handsets are equipped with standard radio support for both IEEE 802.11b/g on 2.4 GHz and IEEE 802.11a in 5 GHz range, so that businesses can choose the WiFi implementation that best addresses their need for application segmentation, wireless interference mitigation, WiFi infrastructure and user density.

    A converged WiFi infrastructure supports both voice and data transfers, reducing costs, increasing efficiency and presenting new opportunities for collaborative and mobile working. It ensures connectivity throughout the work environment and the limitless number of access points makes it particularly suitable for fast-growing companies, even across multiple sites.

    The Alcatel-Lucent IP Touch 310 WLAN handset meets most office mobility needs. The Alcatel-Lucent IP Touch 610 WLAN handset extends the capabilities of the IP Touch 310 WLAN handset to include a larger earpiece for improved sound quality and push-to-talk capabilities for workgroup communications.

    Features and Benefits:

    • Optimized for professional use: excellent voice quality, full range of calling features, excellent autonomy
    • Enhanced reactivity: fewer lost calls increases capacity to respond to customer requests and reduces call backs
    • Reliable: extended battery with up to 8 hours of talk time and 160 hours on standby
    • Durable: dust and moisture resistant (IP-53); shock resistant (MIL STD 810F Proc IV 516.5); 802.11e/WMM quality of service
    • Optimized: IEE 802.11b/g radio on 2.4 GHz frequency and IEEE 802.11a radio in 5 GHz frequency range
    • Feature Rich: Backlight, Headset, Hands-Free, Dial-by-name options
    • Push-to-talk (610 only) allows “walkie-talkie”-type broadcast communications
    • User-friendly: lightweight, ergonomic design with 5-way navigator, 4 soft keys and graphical display screen
    • Business-friendly: supports business telephony services
    • Wireless LAN leveraged for voice and data applications,
    • High voice quality delivered using standardized 802.11 QoS on OmniAccess WLAN infrastructure or the proprietary SpectraLink Voice Priority (SVP) server
    • Seamless handover based on the OmniAccess WLAN infrastructure supported
    • Over-the-air software upgrades supported
    • Quick phone parameter configuration through the USB cradle station supported
    • Protected infrastructure investment (compatible with 802.11 a/b/g radio networks and WLAN infrastructure standards)
    • Interchangeable battery units to support the most demanding enterprise usages requirements
    • Support for wireless security: WiFi Protected Access (WPA and WPA2) and Wireless Encryption Protocol (WEP)
    • Full range of accessories
    • Compatible with OmniPCX Enterprise and OmniPCX Office communication servers

    Model Range:

    Alcatel-Lucent IP Touch Wireless-LAN 310 and 610 handsets increase employee efficiency and productivity by supporting different user needs with 2 IP Touch models and a range of accessories:

    IP Touch 310 WLAN

    • 128x96 pixel monochrome display, backlit
    • 4 soft-keys, context-sensitive
    • Speakerphone
    • Backlit keyboard
    • Vibrate
    • Headset connector
    • 802.11a/b/g
    • 10 ring tones
    • 3 battery options: Standard, Extended, Ultra
    • Talk time: 4 to 8 hours, depending on battery
    • Standby time: 80 to 160 hours, depending on battery
    • Charge time: 2 to 4 hours, depending on battery
    • Weight 111-137g, depending on battery
    • 7 languages supported
    • Protocols supported: SVP, SRP, WEP, WPA, WPA2, more...
    • Download the Brochure (PDFpdf 620KB)

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    IP Touch 610 WLAN

    • Has all the features of the 310 WLAN, plus:
    • Push-to-Talk feature, which provides multi-user broadcast feature, similar in concept to "walkie-talkie" two-way radio communications.
    • Download the Brochure (PDFpdf 620KB)

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    • Standard Lithium-Ion battery, providing 4 hours talk-time and 80 hours standby-time
    • Extended Lithium-Ion battery, providing 6 hours talk-time and 120 hours standby-time
    • Ultra Extended Lithium-Ion battery, providing 8 hours talk-time and 160 hours standby-time
    • Standard desktop charger
    • Dual-battery desktop charger
    • Quad-battery desktop charger
    • Belt Clip
    • Swivel Carrying Case
    • Holster
    • Headset
    • Lanyard

  • Cellular Phone Integration

    My Cellular Extension 8622 and Advanced Cellular Extension

    cellular extensionAn increasing number of companies have mobile workers, also sometimes known as road warriors. Since a large amount of their time is spent outside the office, providing them with tools to keep them as productive while off-site as when they are on-site is highly desirable. The Alcatel-Lucent Cellular Extension solutions (My Cellular Extension 8622 (MCE) and Advanced Cellular Extension (ACE)) effectively turn a mobile smart phone into an extension of the communications server.

    The solution is composed of a server-based component and a client application running on the smart mobile phone (providing a menu-driven interface to use the OmniPCX Communication Server features).

    Supported mobile platforms are:

    • Microsoft Windows Mobile
    • Nokia E-series
    • BlackBerry


    • Increases employee efficiency and productivity
    • Create a borderless office
    • Provide enterprise-grade voice services when off-site
    • Avoid wasting time by dialing several phone numbers to reach the same person
    • Improves customer satisfaction by increasing first-call resolution
    • Controls/reduces costs
    • Cellular Significantly reduce smart mobile phone costs with savings on long-distance calls
    • WLAN Utilize Wi-Fi ® when at the office
    • Single billing for business calls
    • Provides a single user experience
    • Client application integrates into telephony application of the smart mobile phone

    Features and functionality:

    • One-number service: Single contact number, with filtering services and simultaneous ringing
    • Business and private mode management: Manage which calls go through the company communication server or just the mobile operator.
    • Call initiation: Many options on how to initiate calls
    • Access to business voice mailbox
    • Easily adjustable call forwarding settings
    • In-conversation services, such as transfer, conference, hold/retrieve
    • Dual-mode smart mobile phone management cellular and WLAN networks (when supported by handset)
    • Alcatel-Lucent OmniPCX Enterprise and Office Communication Server support

    Alcatel-Lucent OmniTouch 8600 My Instant Communicator

    8600The OmniTouch 8600 My Instant Communicator (My IC) is the client application for Alcatel-Lucents 8400 Instant Communications Suite and has interfaces for mobile smart phones such as Windows Mobile, Blackberry and Nokia, as well as IP desk phones and PCs. It provides all the services offered by the 4980 and Web SoftPhones, plus also integrates other advanced SIP-based features, such as Instant Messaging, Presence, Video Calling and also seamlessly incorporates all other communications features, such as Messaging services, One Number routing services, Multimedia Conferencing, etc.

    My Instant Communicator is a great solution for end-users having to deal with an increasing volume of communications: phone calls, voice mails, text messages, faxes, emails, instant messages and web, voice and video conferences. It is difficult to manage and make best use of all the different enterprise communication options on the market and Alcatel-Lucent OmniTouch 8600 My Instant Communicator is an innovative solution to this problem, integrating all communication tools to create a homogeneous experience across different devices and channels. It is the world's first integrated, multi-media, multi-session, multi-device unified communications client solution. Read more »


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