Telephony for Small-to-Medium Business

SSP is a leader in the design, deployment and support of telephony systems for SMB customers. With many years of experience and hundreds of satisfied customers, SSP has the knowledge to help you to select the right product mix for your company.

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  • Alcatel-Lucent OmniPCX Office

    For SMB customers on a budget, SSP recommends the Alcatel-Lucent OmniPCX Office. Leveraging a lot of its experience and investment in large enterprise systems, Alcatel-Lucent has delivered a powerful, cost effective solution specifically aimed at the SMB market. The OmniPCX Office Communication Server is a pre-configured server which allows small and medium businesses to enjoy enterprise-class business telephony.

    Supporting both TDM and IP Telephony, the OmniPCX Office is easy to deploy and manage and is extremely cost effective. Installing an OmniPCX Office is the first step to improved customer service, enhanced business operations and reduced operational risks. The OmniPCX Office supports applications such as voicemail, auto attendant, call center, softphone and third-party XML applications.

    OmniPCX Office (OXO) also uses some of the portfolio of peripherals as its larger brother, the OmniPCX Enterprise (OXE), such as digital telsets, IP telsets, DECT and WiFi handsets. Therefore, if the customer was ever to grow beyond the maximum size of the OXO, a significant portion of the initial investment could be retained when upgrading to an OXE system.

    Available models:

    • Compact Edition: for 6 to 16 users
    • S Model: for 6 to 20+ users
    • M Model: for 15 to 60 users
    • L Model: for 30 to 90 users
    • XL Model: for up to 200 users

  • Alcatel-Lucent Extended Communication Server

    The Alcatel-Lucent Extended Communication Server is a key component of the OmniPCX Office Communications Solution.

    This simple flexible, reliable module brings a wealth of additional features to the OmniPCX Office business telephony server, including shared and secure internet access, remote access for mobile employees, email, web servers and collaborative applications.

    Designed for very small, small and medium businesses, the Extended Communication Server can easily be upgraded to offer additional capacity or functionalities. No extra hardware or software is required, although optional software packages open up a range of additional capabilities.


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