Unified Communications

One of the most exciting new areas in telecommunications at the moment is Unified Communications. UC is most commonly thought of as the unification of voice & video calling, messaging, presence, IM and file sharing, but has the potential to extend far beyond that. The real advantage of UC is its inherent availability, flexibility and openness, making way for significant gains in the way people work and interact with each other.

Using the aforementioned services as a starting point, these can be presented in a variety of different user devices, such as on an advanced IP telset, a PC, or mobile device, making a person's availability much more flexible, thereby enabling their mobility and ability to work in a fashion much more efficient and productive to that individuals needs. Providing your employees with this flexibility not only greatly increases your companys efficiency, but also increases employee satisfaction, both of which in turn will also increase client satisfaction.

Another significant benefit to UC is that it can be integrated into almost any type of business process or application. This can be as simple as providing a single user-interface integrated into the users main desktop application, such as Microsoft Outlook, or creating an advanced, customized user-interface incorporated into a complex business application using protocol interfaces such as XML/SOAP.

SSP Converged Solutions has teamed up with Alcatel-Lucent in the area of Unified Communications, due to its complete portfolio of UC services and applications. One of the advantages of the Alcatel-Lucent portfolio is the variety of user interfaces available, which include PC & web applications, mobile smart phone applications, an on-screen IP telset interface, an even a DTMF TUI with text-to-speech. Another advantage of Alcatel-Lucent is its wide variety of existing UC applications such as Unified Messaging, Telephony services, "Find-Me/Follow-Me" routing, multimedia conferencing, rich presence, etc. These applications provide a very powerful communications suite when combined in the Suite, but individual components are also available separately to meet specific needs.


Unified Communication Solutions:

  • Alcatel-Lucent OmniTouch 8400 Instant Communications Suite

    ICS 8400 The OmniTouch 8400 Unified Communication Suite is a powerful set of next-generation IP-based unified communications applications for enterprises, designed to optimize business communication, enabling communication tools and applications to work together seamlessly. The solution improves employees interaction and increases productivity by allowing them to access information and business tools using any device, regardless of the location.

    The OmniTouch 8400 ICS Suite is a software solution running on one or more servers (depending on applications required and the number of users) and users access it with a powerful client application, called My Instant Communicator.

    The 8400 ICS Server runs four unified communications applications: Telephony Services, Teamwork Services, One-Number Services and Messaging Services. These allow users to tailor, control and manage calls, messages, directories, collaborative work tools and information from any location using any device and any software interface.

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    The main components of the ICS solution are as follows:

    • OmniTouch 8460 Advanced Communications Server for ICS

      ibm serverA key component of the award-winning Alcatel-Lucent 8400 Instant Communications Suite is the software-based Alcatel-Lucent OmniTouch 8460 Advanced Communications Server (ACS) for enablement of business applications and process communications.

      OmniTouch 8460 ACS powered applications increase enterprise agility, foster innovation and reduce or eliminate reliance on third-party services, giving enterprises a competitive advantage while increasing margins. Carriers, OEMs, system integrators and businesses today use OmniTouch 8460 ACS as a communications and presence engine to enable the rapid deployment of a wide range of real-time applications and services for hosted and premises-based environments across wireless and wire-line networks. Read more »

    • OmniTouch 8600 My Instant Communicator

      myICThe OmniTouch 8600 "My IC" can be summarized as the "client-side" application for the 8400 ICS server and is available for a variety of devices such as PC, Smart-Phone / PDA, web browser, MS Outlook, Lotus Notes, etc. Regardless of device used, the My IC user interface remains consistent.
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      End users have to deal with an increasing volume of communications: phone calls, voice mails, text messages, faxes, emails, instant messages and web, voice and video conferences. It is difficult to manage and make best use of all the different enterprise communication options on the market. Alcatel-Lucent OmniTouch 8600 My Instant Communicator is an innovative solution to this problem, integrating all communication tools to create a homogeneous experience across different devices and channels. It is the world's first integrated, multi-media, multi-session, multi-device unified communications client solution.

      My Instant Communicator services can be integrated with existing business applications and accessed seamlessly from a computer, IP phone or PDA. This innovative software can also be implemented with the Alcatel-Lucent OmniTouch Unified Communications Applications Suite. This next-generation, IP-based application suite allows end users to benefit from real-time unified communications, a consistent user experience and complete control over their communications.

      My Instant Communicator is offered as a single user licence comprising "unified services" and additional optional services. The 5 key "unified services" offered by My Instant Communicator are:

      • Telephony services, available through a user's preferred data and voice collaboration software, such as IBM Lotus Sametime
      • Messaging services, such as voice mail, fax and email through a Microsoft Outlook or Lotus Notes mailbox
      • Collaboration services, such as instant messaging and peer-to-peer video, through voice-over IP (VoIP) and point-to-point video
      • One number services, through call routing and screening interfaces
      • Presence services, through telephony and instant messaging presence information

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    • Alcatel-Lucent OmniTouch 8410 Instant Communications Web Services

      XML Web services are the fundamental building blocks in the move to distributed computing on the Internet. Alcatel-Lucent OmniTouch 8410 Instant Communications Web Services provide the link between the world of telephony and that of the Web, connecting Alcatel-Lucent's communication services to customer business applications. These open interfaces are designed for use on Alcatel-Lucent's communication platforms: Alcatel-Lucent OmniPCX Office and Alcatel-Lucent OmniPCX Enterprise.
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    • Related Unified Communications Portfolio Products

      Aside from the powerful capabilities built into the OmniTouch 8400 ICS as described above, the following Alcatel-Lucent solutions can also be integrated into the overall ICS solution, to create just about any type of solution needed by the customer:

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