Installation & Implementation

SSP is justifiably proud of its installation services, which are at the core of our business and how we originally put ourselves on the map many years ago. With thorough planning, attention to detail and clean execution, we ensure that all our customer sites are implemented smoothly and continue to perform trouble-free.
An important aspect of every solution is its installation and implementation. A well-planned installation, proper project planning and well thought-out hardware and software variables is vital to the ongoing reliability of the system. This is especially important nowadays, with wired and wireless, voice and data networks being so interrelated. Topics that come into play such as location, wiring, power, LAN and WAN network connections, environmental considerations, radio interference, IP addressing, network interoperability, etc, will all need to be considered. Planning, knowledge and experience are our keys to making sure your system runs for years without needing atypical servicing.

While smaller sites are generally fairly straightforward, large or multisite customer sites require longer timeframes to plan and implement and SSP is very experienced in this area. We can provide complete Project Management services to make sure the entire implementation is on-schedule and hassle-free.