To ensure peace of mind, SSP has several maintenance service options available to its customers. Maintenance is available for items such as hardware support, software support, patching and upgrades, simple MACs (moves-adds-changes), etc.

These services can be purchased in several pre-packaged formats, or we can arrange a custom maintenance contract if needed. SLAs (service level agreements) with committed response & resolution times will vary by individual customer situation.

  • Single Event: A one-off tech support call, performing labour of some sort.  
  • Silver Annual contract: Covers hardware failures, but not support or labour costs
  • Gold Annual Contract: Covers MACs, 24x7 support, hardware failures and labour costs.
  • Remote Performance Monitoring Service: Automated services provide SSP with daily updates of system status and automatic alarm notifications in the event of system problems. Most of the time we can access the system remotely to investigate the alarm and resolve it before the users on site even experience any problem.
  • Service Evolution Software annual contract: This is an annual contract offered by Alcatel, passed through SSP that provides all software patches and annual software release updates.
  • Custom Services: We’ll work with you to create a custom maintenance contract that is fine-tuned to the needs of your business.

SSP offers Maintenance Services for all our current product lines, as well as for some of our former products lines, such as Nortel Meridian / CS1000 and Norstar / BCM systems.